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New Right-Wing News Channel ONE AMERICA Seeks To Siphon Viewers From FOX NEWS!!

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I might start my own right-wing channel. I hear Fox News makes a billion-dollar profit every single year even though its top show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” rarely gets more than a 0.2 rating in the 18-49 demo. But I understand Fox has a titanic adults 85-120 audience, and $1 billion means the market for Medicaid supplement insurance, step-in bathtubs, Rascals and stairlifts remains plenty huge.

If the new right-wing news channel One America can siphon off a decent fraction of that $1 billion, it’s going to be sitting pretty.

One America, announced today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, is produced by Herring Broadcasting, the folks behind Wealth TV (which my cable system apparently does not carry, which could account for why I’m not as wealthy as I’d prefer).

If I understand this correctly, Herring believes Fox News isn’t conservative enough to properly balance out pinko cable news channel MSNBC.

No word yet as to whether One America will devote as much airtime as Fox News to the pervasive, ruinous and presumably ongoing War On Christmas.

Find The Daily Beast’s story on the matter here.


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