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‘I Will Not Be Needing These!!’ Herc Says Tonight’s First PARKS AND RECREATION Since Feb. 21, The One Starring Jason Schwartzman And Jenny Slate, Makes Him Laugh Hard & Often!!

Parks And Recreation 5.16

What’s it called?

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to stand-up comic and “Kroll Show” writer Joe Mande.

What says NBC?
“Leslie (Amy Poehler) tries to help a local video store stay in business after the owner (guest star Jason Schwartzman) is hit by the bad economy. Chris tries to give Tom some fatherly advice in dealing with a difficult employee (guest star Jenny Slate), while Ann blackmails April (Aubrey Plaza) into being her friend.”

What can you tell us about Ann’s blackmail plan?
Ann learns of April’s secret career aspirations.

How does it start?
Tom Haverford hosts a shareholder’s meeting at Rent-A-Swag.

The big news?
Tom’s problem employee has a twin we’ve met before; this twin refers to her as a “huge skank.” Hint: The twin is not related to “Pawnee Today” hostess Joan Callamezzo.

What else is NBC not telling us?
Brandi Maxx, Leslie’s porniest opponent from her city council race, returns with horrifying news for Ms. Knope. We also get to see an old clip from the Pawnee movie review show “Lights, Camera, Perd.”

What’s great?
“Are you hurt?” “Please stop talking about wounded meat.” “Bailiff!” “What’s going on, best friend?” “This never happened.” Schwartzman generally and his character’s hideous menu in particular. The seriousness with which April makes her threats. April’s perception of Ann’s job. Andy’s testimony. Tom’s screaming. The tricorner-hat guy. The tank-top guy. Ron’s giggling. Donna’s awesome entrance. Brandi’s new movie.

What’s not so great?
NBC needs to stick this series after “The Office” so “Hannibal” has a fighting chance.

8:30 p.m. Thursday. NBC.

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