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And Boom Goes The Dy-no-mite... Sony Wants To Do A GOOD TIMES Movie!!

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I thought the trend of adapting old TV shows into movies was long dead after so many of them failed badly (Remember BEWITCHED?), but apparently I was wrong and Sony is more than happy to prove it, with Columbia Pictures moving to make a movie based upon the 70s program GOOD TIMES, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Phil Johnston, one of the creative minds behind WRECK-IT RALPH who also penned the screenplay for CEDAR RAPIDS, is attempting to write the film that is going to be about... Oh, who knows? Does anyone really remember anything from GOOD TIMES other than J.J. Walker's catchphrase?

The only TV show that really made the transition well from small to big screen was THE BRADY BUNCH, and that was mainly because the movie poked serious fun at how ridiculous the show would be in this day and age. I don't see GOOD TIMES doing the same, nor having anywhere near the same brand awareness as some of those other TV classics that have tried to make the big screen jump and didn't come anywhere close to pulling it off. I'm not entirely sure how this could possibly end well, or who would want to see this. 

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