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Want A VERONICA MARS Movie...? You're Going To Have To Fund It!!

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Ever since The CW cancelled VERONICA MARS back in 2007 after three seasons in which the ratings steadily improved, there's been a demand among the show's cult fan base for the show's characters to live on in a feature film. Look back at just about every interview Kristen Bell has done over the past couple years, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a conversation that doesn't at least ask about the possibility of a VERONICA MARS movie, following creator Rob Thomas' comments that he'd like to do one at some point in time. 

However, no studio has been eager to jump at funding a VERONICA MARS movie. After all, the show has been off the air for six years now, and when it was on, it still only had a small yet hardcore audience. But, if you're one of them, and you've been desiring a VERONICA MARS flick since it went off the air, here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is.

Thomas has set off a Kickstarter campaign to fund a VERONICA MARS movie, giving the opportunity to kick into the $2 million budget they're looking for to make this project a reality to anyone who's ever wanted to see it. As per usual, there are all sorts of cool rewards for those who contribute, but to me, this really gets down to a matter of principle. This could be a turning point for those of you who always say that the movie studios don't make anything you want to see, or that their tastes don't necessarily represent yours. Tired of seeing the same old, same old...? Want a movie made that you actually want to see...? Here's your chance to step up to the plate with a few dollars in order to make that happen. Not a fan of VERONICA MARS? That's okay... That's not to say you should be forking over your cash. But with studios focusing on tent poles and franchises and not much beneath that which can't rake in billion-dollar box office takes, this is the type of project we might all need to succeed in order to show there is money to be made on funding the little guy... or girl, in this case.

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