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Another Non-Disney New OZ Movie Is Coming Our Way!!

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With the monster opening OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL had for Disney last weekend, it's no surprise that more people want to travel down the yellow brick road for some of those Emerald City dollars. We've already heard that The Mouse is moving on a sequel to their film, with or without Sam Raimi, but it appears that's not the only coming OZ film on the horizon.

According to Variety, a 3-D animated musical called LEGENDS OF OZ: DOROTHY'S RETURN is now slated for early 2014, with Summertime Entertainment and Clarius Entertainment coming together to distribute the film, which is inspired more by Baum's books than any other OZ property we've seen.

The story would have Dorothy returning to Kansas to find it absolutely decimated by the twister that took her to Oz in the first place, and features a voice cast of Lea Michele (Dorothy), Dan Aykroyd (Scarecrow), Kelsey Grammer (Tin Man), Jim Belushi (Lion) and Bernadette Peters (Glinda) with Patrick Stewart, Martin Short, Oliver Platt , Hugh Dancy and Megan Hilty all voicing new characters in the land of Oz. And to top it all off, the film will feature songs by Bryan Adams. 

This might not have sounded like a bad idea a few years ago, but how much OZ is going to be too much soon enough?

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