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Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Prepare For More Rom-Com Rompin'!

Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore

Beaks here...

After two commercial misses with JACK AND JILL and THAT'S MY BOY, it's probably not a bad idea for Adam Sandler to take a couple of pitches in the ol' wheelhouse. This summer, he'll have a huge hit with GROWN UPS 2. After that, how 'bout another romantic comedy with the ever adorable Drew Barrymore?

According to Variety, Sandler and Barrymore will re-team for an untitled film directed by THE WEDDING SINGER's Frank Coraci. The script is by Ivan Menchell (who wrote THE CEMETARY CLUB twenty years ago and a shitload of TV since) and Clare Sera (an actress best known for... being in both PRINCESS DIARIES movies). Variety's description of the film:

Story revolves around a couple who, after disastrous blind date, are stuck together in a family resort with their children from previous marriages.

This makes no sense to me, but I've been doing taxes all day.

Warner Bros. will release the film, which is scheduled to begin shooting in May. The last Sandler/Barrymore film, 50 FIRST DATES, was actually pretty good, so I'm cool with another pairing.

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