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Melissa McCarthy + Bill Murray = ST. VINCENT DE VAN NUYS!!

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Melissa McCarthy is primed and ready to land one of the most sought after and coveted roles that's been making its way around Hollywood lately, set to be offered the female lead in Ted Melfi's ST. VINCENT DE VAN NUYS, according to Deadline. However, unlike her recent efforts in IDENTITY THIEF and BRIDESMAIDS, this project will showcase far more of her acting talents instead of her comedic sensibilities... and she'll be doing it opposite Bill Murray, who is slotted into the title role.

Murray would play a cross neighbor who begins to guide the impressionable 12-year-old son of a struggling single mom who just moved in next door. Next thing you know, he's corrupting the kid, the mom has to help change his mindset back, and, in doing so, the neighbor learns how to not be such a crotchety asshole, and everyone feels the love... or at least that seems to be where it's heading, doesn't it? There's a reason this former Black List script has been compared to AS GOOD AS IT GETS. 

I am very interested to see McCarthy play a bit more serious, although there certainly will be a bit of comedy intertwined that will play to her strengths, but, just by the description of the character, you can imagine Murray nailing this type of character. Seeing that dynamic between him and McCarthy definitely has me exciting about the prospect of ST. VINCENT DE VAN NUYS. 

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