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James Gandolfini Joining ANIMAL RESCUE!!

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Post-SOPRANOS, James Gandolfini has been doing some pretty solid work in the likes of NOT FADE AWAY, ZERO DARK THIRTY and THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE, so any film smart enough to cast him right now is only doing itself a favor. Therefore, consider it a welcome addition with the news that Gandolfini is joining Fox Searchlight's ANIMAL RESCUE, according to Variety

The film, which already has Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and BULLHEAD's Matthias Schoenaerts on the frontlines, with Michael R. Roskam directing, would have Gandolfini dipping his toe back into the criminal element, with the ANIMAL RESCUE telling the story of a guy trying to move beyond his dicey past yet somehow getting caught up in a robbery gone bad and a murder, all surrounding a lost pit bull. 

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