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Exclusive: You'll Feel Dirty Watching The Red Band Trailer Premiere Of AMERICAN ECSTASY, Yet Be Unable To Look Away!!

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Not too long ago, the red band trailer for a new film AMERICAN ECSTASY got put in front of me. Described to me as a mix between horror films such as V/H/S and CREEPSHOW, late night Skin-emax, and movies like THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, KILLER JOE and others, beforehand, it certainly had my attention. And upon taking a glimpse at director Jonathan Leder's directorial debut, I walked away feeling a bit dirty and plenty uncomfortable. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure that what I had just seen wasn't some underground snuff film cut into trailer form. 

And I watched it again... same feeling, but this time, even with some of the graphic imagery flashing before me, I was absolutely intrigued to know more - where was this was all going, what exactly was happening here, and how much more would I be shown?

So I passed it along to a couple other colleagues to take a look and gather their opinions... and their reactions came back pretty much the same. Unique... provacative... hypnotic...haunting... one even said he felt compelled to take a shower and wash some of the filth off that seemed to collect while watching. And if just from the trailer, a film can get you to start feeling more than a few of those things, that's the kind of movie I want to see. 

Starring Britany Nola, Robert Kirkland, Christian DeBoer, Amy Hood and Lindsay Roan, this anthology-style picture appears to be ready to put quite a few women in some incredibly dangerous, terrifying and very difficult-to-watch scenarios... and I am extremely curious to get a much bigger look. 

Now take a look at the NSFW red band trailer premiere for AMERICAN ECSTASY here exclusively at Ain't It Cool News, and see for yourself...

-Billy Donnelly

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