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Malkovich Cast As Blackbeard In NBC Pirate Show CROSSBONES!!

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John Malkovich (“Warm Bodies”), who doesn’t do a ton of TV work, will star as Blackbeard in NBC’s 10-episode summer series “Crossbones.”

Set in 1715, the series is the brainchild of “MI-5” writer and “Luther” creator Neil Cross.

The premise, which sounds to me a lot like “Heart of Darkness” (and “Apocalypse Now”), follows an assassin who, when dispatched by the forces of maritime commerce to Blackbeard’s lair in the Bahamas, discovers he admires the famed pirate.

(Malkovich played Kurtz in TNT’s 1993 TV-movie version of “Heart of Darkness.”)

Malkovich’s other TV credits include the role of Javert in a 2002 miniseries version of “Les Miserables.” He won an Emmy for his role opposite Dustin Hoffman in CBS’ 1985 production of “Death of a Salesman.”

Find all of TV Line’s exclusive on the matter here.

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