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THE BLING RING Teaser Trailer Has Emma Watson Dancing All Over Other People's Nice Things!!

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Today we get a quick look at Sofia Coppola's THE BLING RING, which has Emma Watson looking mighty fine dancing in the club, living the high life out in L.A. with a bunch of friends who are all able to afford the lifestyle, because none of it is actually theirs. You see, THE BLING RING is based on a series of crimes that took place a few years back that had a small gang, obsessed with celebrities and becoming ones themselves, breaking into the homes of the rich and the famous and going "shopping" in their wide assortment of stuff. Messed-up, right? Whether it was clothes, shoes, cash or fine pieces of art, there was nothing off limits to this group, and we'll see Watson getting her bad on as their de facto leader. Sounds and looks good to me.

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