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Hear 'StarWave' - A Preview Track From The Score To Joseph Kosinski's OBLIVION!!



A track from the score to Joseph Kosinski's OBLIVION has been issued for our consideration.  I believe it originates HERE at Rolling Stone, but I couldn't get their embed coding to play nicely with our site, so here's a YouTube of the same. 

The score comes to us from M83's Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese (whose wonderful work could recently be heard in Disney XD's TRON UPRISING).  M83 proper worked on material for the film as well.  

The new Tom Cruise-starring epic from the director of TRON LEGACY opens April 12; this score will release a few days eariler (April 9).  

Hints of John Murphy's SUNSHINE, mixed with Craig Safan's 'Confrontation' from THIEF (one of my most favorite tracks ever). Interested to hear how the rest of this shakes out...




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