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New Cobra Special Forces Recruitment Video Is Sure To Have You Feeling Patriotic!!

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Let's not avoid the elephant in the room... there is a fair amount of skepticism about how G.I. JOE: RETALIATION is going to turn out. There has to be. When the studio yanks a movie from their release calendar a month before it's supposed to land in theatres for post-conversion-3D-ificiation, people are going to question why such a thing happened, especially when all the promotional material up to that time pointed towards a fun and entertaining sequel. I mean, ninjas were fighting each other off the side of a mountain. How can that possibly end badly?

But Paramount has been working steadily to try to build confidence back in the film, and their COBRA SPECIAL FORCES viral videos have gone a long way in those efforts. Think those commercials you might see to join the U.S. Army or the Marines or any division of the Armed Forces... only apply it to joining Cobra as they've been put into a position of power by the government. If you didn't know their true motives, they'd leave you feeling incredibly patriotic about serving your country in their ranks. 

A new one has dropped today, continuing the themes of honor, courage and freedom, and, while it has a similar look to the last one, it's still quite effective. 

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