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Fox 2000 Is Looking To Remake The Swedish Hit PATRIK, AGE 1.5 Into English!!

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The film PATRIK, AGE 1.5 had quite the interesting premise when it was released back in 2008. A gay couple seeks to adopt a child who they believe is a 15-month-old named Patrik, only for him to turn out to be a 15-year-old homophobe. With things shifting very quickly towards gay marriage becoming legal in the United States (it's only a matter of time), and hopefully more gay acceptance to come, I'm not sure how such a dramedy would play now as The Hollywood Reporter reports that Fox 2000 is developing an English-language remake of the film to be retitled PATRICK 1.5 

Allan Loeb, who penned HERE COMES THE BOOM, which wasn't nearly as bad as one would expect from a Kevin James flick, is working on adapting the material... but is a teenage homophobe going to come across funny at all in this day and age. Five years ago seems like an awfully long time when you consider where the gay right movement was in its progress then. Back then, you still may have been able to play this type of ignorance up for some laughs in a dramedy as such... but now, it just comes across as sad and pathetic. 

Loeb has an interesting balancing act to try to pull off without his characters becoming too sterotypical, but I think there could rest a very strong message of love and acceptance in PATRICK 1.5 if he can make these different perspectives work. 

-Billy Donnelly

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