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Tony Stark And Pepper Potts In A Tense Embrace On Another New IRON MAN 3 Poster!!

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You didn't think Marvel Studios was done with the IRON MAN 3 posters, even after that pretty sweet last one sheet they put out featuring our first glimpse of the Iron Legion, did you? Today, we've got another poster, this time showing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts (Gywneth Paltrow) close and a bit worrisome as bad shit is clearly going down around them... with the Iron Legion showing up once more. 

IRON MAN 3 One Sheet featuring Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

I've got the feeling things are going to get very dangerous very quickly around Tony Stark upon the Mandarin arriving on the scene. One of the major themes shown in the brand spankin' new IRON MAN 3 trailer is Tony's concern for protecting Pepper Potts above all else. My wonder is will he be able to throughout the entire film, or might someone else close to him pay a serious price that will really wound him? My gut says we're going to lose someone along the way to up the stakes here. Who? Your guess is as good as mine... but I've got some ideas. 

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