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UPDATED!! The BIRDMAN Cast Now Consists Of Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis... And Edward Norton!!

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You show me a movie that sports Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifianakis in its cast, and I'll show you a movie I want to see... and that looks to be the case with Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s next film BIRDMAN, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that the foursome is all locked up for the dark comedy set up over at Fox Searchlight. 

The film is centered around a former actor (played by Keaton), who once played an iconic superhero on-screen, attempting to piece together a Broadway play based on a Raymond Carver short story in the hopes of jumpstarting his lagging career once more. But the male lead threatens to derail the whole production as a result of his egotistical behavior. 

Stone would play Keaton's daughter and assistant, straight out of rehab, while Galifianakis would slot in as a scheming producer and Watts one of the play's actresses. 

I'm digging the premise and those working on it, so hopefully this one comes together nicely as it heads towards production sometime in April. 

UPDATE: The cast for BIRDMAN just keeps getting stronger with Deadline learning that Edward Norton has signed on, agreeing to play that troublesome lead actor who could throw the entire production in disarray, ruining Keaton's comeback story. 

That only leaves the part of Keaton's ex-wife to be cast, and, with the amount of talent already assembled here, you have to believe Innaritu has someone good in mind. 

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