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Breck Eisner Targets Vin Diesel For THE LAST WITCH HUNTER!!

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It looks like Hollywood is getting further into the witch hunting business after HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS somehow took in $181 million at the box office during its release earlier this year. Summit is proceeding with plans to make THE LAST WITCH HUNTER, which found its way on the 2010 Black List for Cory Goodman's script, with Deadline reporting that Breck Eisner (THE CRAZIES) is set up to direct the film and Vin Diesel his number one choice to take the lead; Diesel is in early talks to sign on. 

Diesel would play an immortal witch hunter who teams up with a female witch to stop quite a few witch covens from unleashing hell upon New York City and the rest of mankind. (It always starts in NYC, doesn't it?) No word yet on who would take the female lead. 

This one has franchise written all over it if it succeeds, as you know the witches will keep coming out of the woodwork if the audiences turn out at the box office. And with the franchise war getting more heated these days, any property that can span multiple films is a good one as far as the studios are concerned. 

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