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This John Ary Video Tells Us Why Christian Bale is Bad for the JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie!!

John Ary here with a few thoughts on this week's Justice League rumors.

Kudos to El Mayimbe for scoring another super hero exclusive, but I have reservations about Christian Bale's return to the cowl. In short, Warner Bros' new strategy for its stalled Justice League film seems to involve throwing a bunch of money at A-list talent and crossing its fingers.

Without a solid longterm plan for the franchise or a way to cultivate new stars at lower costs, a series of Justice League films won't be sustainable. On top of that, throwing a character like the Dark Knight into a new world of invisible jets, indestructible aliens, magic rings, and dudes that run at supersonic speeds just seems tonally off. I believe that adding Bale into the mix comes off as a clumsy corporate move intended to quickly pique fanboy interest without much thought given to the quality of the storytelling or longterm sustainability of the franchise.

I ramble some more about here...

Maybe I'm still wrestling with my frustration over The Dark Knight Rises? Maybe I'm skeptical that Warner Bros can come up with a viable longterm plan for its Justice League franchise? Maybe I'm just ready for a new take on Batman? I would love to see Supes, Bats and the rest of the gang kick ass on the silver screen, but I have little faith in the corporate honchos calling the shots.

Just my thoughts... Tell me I'm wrong in the comments below, on Twitter @john_ary or on the AICN Youtube channel.    



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