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SINIS-TWO Is Coming!

Nordling here.

Everything's coming up Milhouse for our friend C. Robert Cargill, AKA Massawyrm.  He's just published his new book DREAMS AND SHADOWS (review coming from me shortly), he's working with writer/director Scott Derrickson on the DEUS EX adaptation, and their SINISTER is doing well selling on Blu-Ray and DVD.  I dug SINISTER quite a bit, and Ethan Hawke's performance was pretty terrific.  It's a scary movie that brings in the creepy factor successfully, and Derrickson and Cargill created a new movie monster that seems to scare the bejesus out of people.

So it's no surprise that a sequel has been greenlit, according to Deadline.  SINISTER didn't cost very much money, and it seems like Blumhouse Productions is figuring out that you don't need big bucks to evoke great scares.  Just look at that trailer for THE CONJURING that hit this week.  That's a terrific trailer, with nary a CGI shot in sight.  Hopefully Derrickson and Cargill will open up their universe a bit and go more into Baghuul and the mythos, and I think they'll create something even more evocative and frightening.  What if the Baghuul films go viral?  There's a lot of possibilities.  Derrickson will likely not return to direct, considering he and Cargill's work on DEUS EX, but both he and Cargill will be writing the continuing story.

And on a personal note, we here at Ain't It Cool are so very proud of Cargill and everything he's accomplished.  Hard work really does pay off.

Nordling, out.

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