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Trailer For Henry Alex Rubin's DISCONNECT Crashes Online!


Beaks here...

Henry Alex Rubin's DISCONNECT made the fall festival rounds last year, and didn't fare all that well with critics. Generally, that's a bad thing - unless we're talking about Paul Haggis's CRASH, which bounced back rather nicely from an unspectacular 2004 debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

So perhaps it's a good thing for Mr. Rubin that his film, in trailer form at least, looks like the distracted-living version of CRASH. See for yourself...


DISCONNECT is Rubin's first film since the excellent documentary MURDERBALL (which he co-directed with Dana Adam Shapiro). I liked that movie. I hope I like this movie. But if it bludgeons me with IMPORTANT THEMES like this trailer, I don't think we're going to get along.

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