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Wanna watch the complete Dutch EMPIRE STRIKES BACK doc? The one with wrangling Wampas?

Hey folks, Harry here...   Robogeek sent me a link to a story on Indiewire that did an excellent job documenting the history of the pieces of this particular Star Wars saga documentary.   He did this, because he knew it was his duty...  because we are all slaves to shit exactly like this.   Why?  Because look at the fucking awe-inspiring adventure it took to make this STAR WARS movie?   They're in terrible conditions doing ridiculously awesome sci-fantasy film-making at it's David Lean best.   And I find myself hoping that this is JJ's approach to making these new films.  I mean, watch this thing and then think about the images we got.  Look how insane this shoot is.  That Wampa dragging Luke sequence was just insane.  You know, as much as I actually love the movies, it's really all about finding all the behind the scenes possible about the making of these films.   For me, these movies should push the limits of imagination and creativity.  That's how this little doc makes me feel.  It's this crazy spirit that has fans in snowtrooper and rebel forces winter wear fighting in frigid conditions all over the planet.   But even though I've seen that stuff...  watching the insanity of tromping through a blizzard in a crazy nightmare pair of platform furry stiltboots whilst dragging Mark Hamill through the snow.  

All us fans and all the folks working on these new films...  stop and watch this.   Do something, that when we see how you actually did it....  it blows our minds.   I watched that Russian Meteor shit obsessively, but watch this and damn if you don't get excited.   Ok, I'm easily excitable.  Granted.  But watch this thing.  It really doesn't get any better.  Puppet Yoda - wow.   Watch this, it is the very best NERD PORN around.


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