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Jena Malone joins gothic ghost story ANJELICA for TEETH director Mitchell Lichtenstein!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Jena Malone has been on the cusp of superstardom for the entirerty of her career, it seems. I could have sworn Donnie Darko would have propelled her to A-list status, but instead she chose interesting, smaller projects like The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and Saved while taking small parts in bigger films like Pride and Prejudice.

How much of that was her choice and how much of that was the industry's choice I have no idea. All I know is I brighten up if Jena Malone shows up in a movie, so today's news of her toplining a Victorian Ghost flick called ANJELICA is welcome news to me.

Especially when you consider that this film is going to be directed by Mitchell Lichentstein whose 2007 vagina dentata-themed horror flick Teeth was just bizarre and weird enough to be totally up my alley.

Anjelica is about a family in 1880s London who are constantly at each others throats. A forced celibacy after a difficult childbirth has strained the family and they are provoking one another constantly. Told in a Rashomon style, we see events unfold from different perspectives as tragedy and a creepy supernatural element comes into play.

Jena Malone will play the wife and mother, according to Deadline. No word yet on the casting of the husband or daughter.

-Eric Vespe
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