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Jack Bauer Jack Schmauer!! Kiefer Sutherland To Jump From Fox’s TOUCH To NBC’s LIST??

I am – Hercules!!

Kiefer Sutherland has been offered a role in an NBC pilot titled “The Black List.”

His current series “Touch,” created by “Heroes” mastermind Tim Kring, is the lowest-rated on Fox. Even before Fox consigned it to its Friday Death Slot, “Touch” was pulling much worse ratings that “24” was at the time “24” was cancelled.

“The Black List” follows a supercriminal who decides to quit being a bad guy and work with a rookie FBI agent to catch his old cohorts.

The NBC project was created by screenwriter Jon Bokenkamp, who also collaborated with Sutherland on the 2004 Jolie-Hawke thriller “Taking Lives.”

The bad news is “Taking Lives” was apparently not a very good movie, earning only 22% positive reviews among critics surveyed by Rotten Tomatoes.

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