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New OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Trailer Shows Plenty Of New Footage In Under A Minute!!

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I know, I know... there are absolutely shades of Tim Burton's all style, no substance ALICE IN WONDERLAND that seem to creep into every last glance of Sam Raimi's WIZARD OF OZ prequel, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, I've had. But I've been hearing from some very trusted colleagues who have seen the film already that Raimi has absolutely gotten this one right, and, once March 8 rolls around, we'll be kicking ourselves in the collective ass for ever doubting that he could handle the material. 

There is a lot of new footage to take in with this new less than a minute trailer Disney has dropped on us today, and, I think you'll be able to tell just by the pacing of the trailer, that things are going to build to a rather interesting climax as James Franco proves himself worthy of that wizardship. Is that what they call it these days?

-Billy Donnelly

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