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Bradley Cooper Is Doing KOKOWAAH!!

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If you're familiar with German cinema, then you know all about KOKOWAAH, which was the highest-grossing film of 2011 there in the country, with a sequel recently topping their box office again. Well, it's in the process of being remade in English, with Deadline reporting that Bradley Cooper has now signed on to star, with the possibility that it may also mark his directorial debut, something he's been trying to line up for a little while. 

The film is about two men - a bachelor with no responsibilities and a devoted husband and father who see their lives thrown into upheaval when the true paternity of the latter man's 8-year-old daughter is learned. Unfortunately, this film might be a bit too serious for them to go on MAURY... but you know they want to.

Cooper has been flexing his acting chops much more as of late, garnering his first Academy Award nomination for SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK, and I've heard very positive things about his work in THE PLACE BEHIND THE PINES, so, while I understand there is a fair amount of dislike for some of his previous roles and films, it may be time for some of you to re-examine Cooper's career with an open mind, as more dramatic films are certainly coming his way.

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