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Nicolas Winding-Refn's BUTTON MAN: THE KILLING GAME gets new screenwriter

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Nicolas Winding-Refn has a few plates spinning at the moment and one of them is an adaptation of John Wagner's Button Man: The Killing Game, a violent thriller about former mercs who are hired to fight gladitor style for the amusement of a faceless coalition of the super rich. One of these mercs, Harry Exton, decides enough is enough when a match turns deadly and that opens the floodgates.

Sounds like perfect material for Refn, right? That dude handles uberviolence pretty damn well. Doesn't that book cover make the lead look like Brian Dennehy, by the way?

The big news today is that Black List screenwriter Matt Cook has come on board to write the film, taking over for previous writers Hilary Seitz and Barry Levy. Not sure if Mr. Cook is starting from scratch or just doing a pass on the material, but it's still movement and any movement on a Refn project is good news as far as I'm concerned.


-Eric Vespe
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