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Universal Rewards MAMA Director With BIRD BOX!

Larry Bird Box

Beaks here...

Andy Muschietti is having a pretty nifty 2013. His debut feature, MAMA, is one of the year's top grossing films (the $15-million movie it just hit $70 million at the domestic box office), and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is locking him up for an adaptation of the soon-to-be-published BIRD BOX.

Written by The High Strung frontman Josh Malerman, BIRD BOX concerns "a blindfolded threesome comprised of a woman and two children who make their way down a river in a seemingly postapocalyptic setting." So it's kinda like THE ROAD on a river. The Hollywood Reporter's "sources" (aka people who stand to gain financially from the project) say it's more reminiscent CHILDREN OF MEN and THE OTHERS - both of which made a lot more money than THE ROAD.

BIRD BOX is out to writers. Scott Stuber, Chris Morgan and Barbara Muschietti (Andy's sister) will produce.

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