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Someone's gonna do a polish on the Fantastic Four reboot and you're probably not gonna like who...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I have nothing against Seth Grahame-Smith. Seems like a nice dude from the interviews of his I've seen and read... I even had an untentional Seth Grahame-Smith double feature on one of my last New Zealand flights when I watched Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter back to back. Maybe it was that I watched both on an airplane after hearing they were awful for a few months, but I enjoyed them both. Neither completely worked, but neither were the abominations I was told they were (the stampeding horseback vampire fight came close, though).

But I know they were generally not liked by most movie geeks, so the news from THR that he's doing a polish on Jeremy Slater's Fantastic Four script will not be taken well.

I understand the knee-jerk. We're abused housewives. We keep hoping Fox will do better now that they're on the wagon (sans Rothman), but you never can tell... I'm hearing that Grahame-Smith's rewrite isn't substantial and that everybody in the camp, including director Josh Trank, were really happy with Slater's draft. I know that those involved have their hearts in this film and aren't taking it lightly, so don't sweat too much.

Also remember that Matthew Vaughn is producing now and we all know that dude ain't afraid to call foul if the studio gets too hands-on. There's hope yet, true believers.

-Eric Vespe
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