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Shailene Woodley/Mary Jane Watson Saunters To The Set Of THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN PART II!

Published at: Feb. 26, 2013, 2:08 p.m. CST by mrbeaks

Shailene Watson

Beaks here...

THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN PART II is currently shooting in New York City, so get ready to see many, many more photos like the above.

JustJared landed a group of snaps capturing Shailene Woodley arriving to set sporting her dyed-red Mary Jane Watson locks. What does this tell us about the film? Nothing, though Woodley certainly looks terrific prior to hitting the makeup trailer.

THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN PART II hits theaters May 2, 2014. For more Shailene, JustJared's got you covered.

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