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Justified 4.8 FAQ

What’s it called?

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to series newcomers Benjamin Cavell & Keith Schreier.

What says FX?
“Bodies start dropping and no one is safe as the search for Drew Thompson enters its home stretch.”

Is Raylan investigated regarding last week’s shooting of trunk guy.
Not this week. Things have changed since Raylan took out that guy in Miami.

Is the foxy grifter back?
Sadly, no.

The big news?
This is a major episode. The series goes somewhere this week I never thought it would.

What else is FX not telling us?
Theo Tonin’s latest emissary is rather more efficient than Robert Quarles.

How does it start?
“Hasn’t anybody killed you yet?” a former lawman we’ve not seen in a while asks Raylan.

Does Ellen May return this week?
She does!

Any sign of Lindsey, Randall, Constable Bob Sweeney or Winona?
Nope. Karen Sisco’s not back either.

Theo Tonin?
No. Mike O’Malley is back as Tonin’s thug Augustine. Plus Wynn Duffy brings Boyd news from Detroit.

What’s doing with sister of snake-boy?
Cassie’s not around. I’m beginning to think they’re trying to make us forget about her so she can exact venomous vengeance against the Crowders at a particularly unexpected moment.

What’s good?
The camera phone. The size of the blue-water jar. Boyd’s plans. “Get some!!” “Nobody’s gonna miss ol’ Deke here.” “How Am I Doing On Time?” Boyd’s unexpected demand.

What’s not so good?
I miss Randall and his fists.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
Raylan stands over one of the many corpses created this episode.

10 p.m. Tuesday. FX.

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