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Our First Look At Sly And De Niro Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other In GRUDGE MATCH!


Beaks here...

From the Twitter feed of the New Orleans Hornets' Pelicans' Robin Lopez comes this awesome picture of two battle-scarred legends.

Grudge Match

This is from the set of GRUDGE MATCH, a Peter Segal-directed comedy about two over-the-hill boxers who step back into the ring for one last dance. I don't know what state's athletic commission would license a fight between two sixtysomethings, but I'm sure Doug "ENTOURAGE" Ellin's script addresses this. Perhaps it'll be held on a barge in international waters, like that Tyson-Secretariat fight.

I have no idea how this will turn out, but it's undeniably cool to see Rocky Balboa and the big-screen Jake LaMotta lacing up the gloves. Here's hoping Segal delivers a rowdy boxing movie worthy of these two legends.

Slashfilm got the initial heads-up about this picture.

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