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Adam Sandler Ditches Comedic Western For Family Romantic Comedy!!

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Seeing Adam Sandler's name attached to a film hardly does anything to inspire confidence that it'll be good these days. (Is anyone looking forward to GROWN UPS 2?) When Sandler goes back to the same ol' schtick he's been milking for quite a number of years, his films are intolerable. However, when he's softened up his persona a bit and gone into the romantic comedy realm, you realize he's actually not that bad. Sure, JUST GO WITH IT was horrendous... but things like THE WEDDING SINGER and even 50 FIRST DATES are stomachable. So it's no surprise that Drew Barrymore, co-star in both those efforts, may be in the running for his female lead in the romantic comedy he's lining up to do next over at Warner Bros., according to Deadline. The untitled project would take the place of the Western comedy RIDICULOUS 6 that Sandler was aiming to do; however, with Seth MacFarlane's A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST, and the Sandler project not near ready to go, RIDICULOUS 6 has been pushed back until maybe next year at the earliest, in order to make room for this other project. 

Here, Sandler and whoever lands the role opposite him would experience a horrendous blind date. However, after the fact, they find themselves stuck at a families resort with one another, and their kids from previous marriages. What a coincidence. And then, in spite of their dislike of one another following that date, they can't help but develop a stronger attraction, which, in turn also benefits their kids.

It may not sound amazing... but it has to be better than JACK & JILL or THAT'S MY BOY, right?

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