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Halle Berry Becomes More Than Just An Operator In New Trailer For THE CALL!!

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I'm still feeling optimistic for THE CALL, starring Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin and Michael Eklund, and, while I realize it's become almost cliche to hate on Berry around these parts, all I'm looking for here out of this movie is a solid thrill ride. The trailers clearly have shown too much, but I'm quite hopeful that even knowing Halle Berry is about to become a 911 operator who goes a bit rogue, acting well beyond what's in her job description, THE CALL will have enough excitement along the way to getting there to make it worthwhile. Here's the latest trailer (via Moviefone) which shows a lot more of Berry outside that call center, delivering some of the tension I think may still await me in the theatre.

-Billy Donnelly

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