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Joel Silver's BEN 10 Movie Has A New Writer!!


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My six year old is completely nuts for BEN 10 and has been asking about when a live-action theatrical movie will come out since I first mentioned that possibility to him last year.  

While there's still no word on exactly when, or even if, this perpetually-in-development project will hit the big screens, the notion may feasibly move one step closer to reality now that scripter Ryan Engle has been brought in to chisel away at a previous draft by Albert Torres.  

The long-time Cartoon Network property debuted in 2005 and is described thusly by THIS piece in THR...

Ben 10 revolves around a teen named Ben who comes to possess an alien watch named the Omnitrix that lets him morph into 10 different monsters.

The BEN 10 film is being shepherded by Joel Silver..THE Joel Silver...who of course brought us PREDATOR, COMMANDO, DIE HARD, the LETHAL WEAPONS, THE MATRIXes and the recent SHERLOCK HOLMES well as funkier fare like STREETS OF FIRE and...ZANADU (on which he was a co-producer, so I suppose it wasn't entirely his fault).  


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