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The new Ender's Game still reveals Hailee Steinfeld as Petra... at lunch.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It seems to me that they're shying away from the big sci-fi elements of Ender's Game. The first still sets up the Battle School with Harrison Ford's Graff intimidating young Asa Butterfield's Ender Wiggin and the new still released today introduces Hailee Steinfeld as Ender's pal and competator Petra. At lunch.

I was lucky enough to have been able to spend an exclusive day on the set last year and not only can I tell you that they're sticking to a lot of the more heady aspects of Orson Scott Card's book (don't get me started on his personal views... but as you might have noted, I'm a big proponent of separating the artist from his or her art and I really love this book), but that the look of the sci-fi in the film is pretty sick. It reminded me a lot of the design aspects of Mass Effect if that gives you a frame of reference. Beautiful and cold.

Hopefully I'll be able to give you my full report soon, but I can say I was really impressed with everybody I spoke with and the direction the film was going. 

So impressed I really wish they'd release a still that'd blow people away, something that really demands the attention of the us geeks.

Oh, and I got to confess my undying love of Temple of Doom to Harrison Ford and his response is... well, great. Stay tuned for more on that.

Here's the new still followed by a bunch of official Battle School Army logos. Dragon Army, Asp Army, Rat Army and Salamander Army logos are all included. Enjoy.



-Eric Vespe
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