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It seems likely that we'll see Luke Skywalker in the new Star Wars Trilogy! Mark Hamill speaks!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Right now the new Star Wars is like an exciting puzzle. Every few days we're given a new piece and we're trying to figure out how everything's going to fit together.

Last week's big piece was that Harrison Ford was likely to return as Han Solo, which means today's news that Mark Hamill is likely to return as Luke Skywalker isn't much of a surprise, but an interesting indicator of things to come.

We all knew that George Lucas met with Carrie Fisher and Hamill before the sale of Lucasfilm and many fans (including myself) speculated that meant he was giving them a heads up to get into fighting shape to return to a galaxy far, far away.

Turns out that was mostly right. According to Hamill, Lucas told them about the sale and their proposed involvement in the new trilogy, but that if they didn't want to return they'd "write them out" ie kill them off screen like Hicks in Alien 3.

Hamill told Entertainment Tonight that no contracts have been signed, but it seems clear that neither Hamill nor Fisher wanted to be killed off since they're both slated to meet with Kathleen Kennedy and screenwriter Michael Arndt in the near future.

Hamill further speculates he'd take on an Obi-Wan style mentor position and the films will be about the trio's kids, but it's only speculation at this point... however, he was around when Lucas had meticulously mapped out the further Skywalker adventures and from we know of his framework the next trilogy would indeed introduce their kids, but I hope they're not going to treat the old guard like cameos. That I wouldn't be in favor of, but if Luke, Han and Leia play a huge part in the next trilogy... well, goddamnit, I'm excited about Star Wars again.

When can we start the "bring back Lando" petition?

-Eric Vespe
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