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Justin Lin Directing Untitled Patrick Lee Thriller For Warner Bros.!!

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Oh, what a difference a fantastic FAST/FURIOUS movie can make. After taking that franchise to new heights by shifting gears from street racing to heists in FAST FIVE, Justin Lin's name became a red hot property that everyone seemed to want to get their hands on. The new TERMINATOR, the HIGHLANDER reboot, LONE WOLF AND CUB... you name it, Lin's seemingly been attached to it. While some of those other projects have fallen by the wayside with Lin's committment to direct FAST & FURIOUS 6 (and most likely 7 in the not too distant future), that hasn't stopped Lin from shopping around the movie marketplace to see what else might grab his interest. 

The latest to hook Lin is an untitled thriller from The Breach author Patrick Lee. Deadline reports that Warner Bros. outbid a few other studios to the rights for this adaptation, with Lin attached to direct and Michael De Luca producing. This would be the first book in a series revolving around Sam Dryden, ex-Special Ops, who crosses paths with a young girl who is a lot more than she appears to be. Dryden then chooses to protect her as the government comes after her for whatever reasons are set up on the page. 

I am quite curious to see what Lin can do outside of the world of Dominic Toretto, and I was actually really looking forward to seeing what he could bring to the table for a new TERMINATOR, after the last couple efforts have been rather disappointing. Whether or not we'll get that chance on this one remains to be seen as this project could still be a ways out. 

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