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Guillermo Del Toro Sheds A Little More Light On CRIMSON PEAK!!

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While it's hard to blame someone for having Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM solely on the brain as July gets closer, the same can't be said for the filmmaker, who has his hands in quite a number of projects, one of which is CRIMSON PEAK. The picture, set to star Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam, is GDT's version of a haunted house flick, but that's about all we publicly know to this point. Things have been kept pretty close to the vest on this one thus far, but del Toro may be opening up just a bit now, starting with his latest comments to Total Film

"It’s the turn of the century. So it’s at the turn of the century and half of the movie takes place in America, and the other half takes place in a crumbling mansion in Cumbria. And basically it’s a ghost story and gothic romance, trying to subvert the rules of the usual gothic romance…the first half is a love story, then that love story turns darker. And it’s at the same time a ghost story. I’m working at this moment with Lucinda Clarkson who is a really great playwright from the UK. She has the proper degree of perversity and intelligence to turn it into something interesting to watch."

A perverse and intelligent ghost story/gothic romance...? That bizarre recipe has me intrigued all by itself. Add in GDT's sensibilities and horror tastes, and this one may really sneak up on you (both literally and figuratively). 

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