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Justified 4.7 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Money Trap.”

Who’s responsible?
Story is credited to Raylan Givens creator Elmore Leonard and “Get Low” screenwriter Chris Provenzano. Teleplay is credited to Provenzano.

What says FX?
“Raylan finds himself caught between a foxy grifter and an old nemesis out for revenge, while Boyd and Ava come face-to-face with the decadence of Harlan's elite.”

Is the old nemesis Dewey?

Is the foxy grifter Lindsey?
No. She’s actually foxier than Lindsey. And strips down to her pink underpants late in the episode.

The big news?
One of the lowlifes depicted tonight fancies himself a filmmaker.

What else is FX not telling us?
We learn FBI agent Barkley hasn’t shown up for work in days (likely owing to his brain matter adhering to the inside of Wynn Duffy’s trailer).

How does it start?
“Six days earlier.” On a highway, Raylan hands off (to the bounty-hunter girl he slept with long ago) the fellow he trunked in 4.1.

Does Ellen May turn up this week?
No, but she is spoken of quite a bit.

Any sign of Lindsey, Randall, Constable Bob Sweeney or Winona?
Not even a mention.

Theo Tonin?
No, but him they talk about.

What’s doing with sister of snake-boy?
Cassie’s not about this week.

What’s good?
The take-out menus. Inserting Boyd into a “rich folks sex party” turns out to be much more rewarding than expected.

What’s not so good?
In the first few episodes, quite a fuss was made every time Raylan shot a fellow.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
“I’m gonna be glad when I hear the news,” admits Raylan.

10 p.m. Tuesday. FX.

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