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Look, you’re a salesman. So is The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day. We both know what the score is. It’s even.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Picture.

We return and with a sexy Jayne Mansfield picture to boot! I don’t know why she had to be naked in the make-up chair with only a disheveled bathrobe/towel/evil thing to cover her naughty bits, but I ain’t complaining.

This photo was taken during the production of The Wayward Bus, adapted from John Steinbeck’s novel. The flick also starred Joan Collins and Dan Dailey.

Thanks once again to the great Decaying Hollywood Mansions. Enjoy!

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If you stuck a lump of coal up tomorrow’s pic’s ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond.

-Eric Vespe
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