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Kick In Some Cash For Ralph Bakshi's Latest Animated Feature, LAST DAYS OF CONEY ISLAND!


Beaks here...

In this age of cleaned-up computer animation and relentlessly upbeat cartoon features, we sure could use a nasty, grimy, utterly disreputable movie from the transgressive mind of Ralph Bakshi. Fortunately for us, Bakshi's got one on tap. But he's gonna need a little help...

If you grew up a fan of COONSKIN, FRITZ THE CAT, HEAVY TRAFFIC, AMERICAN POP or HEY GOOD LOOKIN' (my personal favorite), all you've got to do is take a look at the above video to realize that Bakshi is once again dialed in to that distinctly personal vision of the bustling, gritty Brooklyn of his youth. Bakshi is a one-of-a-kind filmmaker; when he crosses lines in his work, it's only because society crossed them first. Even when Bakshi traffics in the tawdriest of stereotypes, I find these depictions to be strangely exhilarating. Bakshi doesn't have a filter. This is his truth, and fuck you if you can't take it.

I have no idea if LAST DAYS OF CONEY ISLAND will stand alongside Bakshi's best, but I'm willing to donate what little I can to help him get it made. If Bakshi's still got something to say, I want to hear it.

To donate, visit the film's Kickstarter page. Here's a couple of backgrounds from the movie:

Last Days of Coney Island


Last Days of Coney Island Dinner

 And here's a little something from HEY GOOD LOOKIN'...


Hey Good Lookin'
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