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Has Marvel found their Drax the Destroyer for James Gunn's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Latino-Review has another Marvel rumor to offer up today and it's a good one. Damn right it is. They wouldn't spoil my birthday with some shitty, awful untrue rumor, right fellas?

I'm quite excited for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy flick because it's so off kilter, such a different kind of movie for Marvel and if he nails it the same way Jon Favreau nailed Iron Man it opens up an unlimited amount of paths for Marvel because if they can get audiences to be okay with talking raccoons, giant trees and sci-fi bad guys then they can do anything.

If LR has it right, Gunn, Kevin Feige and the Marvel team have found their Drax the Destroyer, a knife-wielding pissed off anti-hero type and that choice is pretty spot on...

Yep, Jason Momoa, who was the best thing about the recent Sly actioneer Bullet to the Head and kicked all sorts of ass on Game of Thrones, looks to be picking up the knives.

THR's Borys Kit says Momoa has no offer yet, but confirms he tested for the role.

Drax is a crucial character because if you've read the comics he's pretty much genetically designed to be the only one who can destroy Thanos and we know Big T is the big bad going into this new Phase of Marvel films.

I just can't wait for the inevitable scene where Drax and Hulk face each other down, two big pissed off green dudes standing off against each other. Yep, I like that.

-Eric Vespe
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