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WWE Studios still has a ways to go before they establish themselves as a legitimate movie studio - that's what happens when you start off on the wrong foot just pumping out crap that stars WWE Superstars from the wrestling/sports entertainment branch of the parent company. However, with movies like DEAD MAN DOWN and THE CALL, which feature legitimate acting talent at the forefront of the films, with the occasional Superstar thrown in, WWE Studios has made a conscious decision to shift the way they go about making films. I've been encouraged by what I've seen of those two aforementioned films that are set to come out over the next month, and the premise for their newly announced project also has me intrigued.

Deadline reports that WWE Studios is teaming up with producer Edward R. Pressman and Blum-Hanson-Allen Films (one of the production companies involved on LAWLESS) to develop the action-comedy CRUISIN' FOR A BRUISIN', set to be written and directed by Adam Bhala Lough (WEAPONS and the Lil Wayne documentary THE CARTER). The approach - a pair of rule-breaking ex-cops partner back up again to seek revenge on the bad guys who murdered their mentor. Sounds like a slice of 80s buddy cop material to me, and, while it didn't work at all most recently for Stallone's BULLET TO THE HEAD, primarily because half of the duo sucked, that doesn't mean it can't be pulled off with the right bit of chemistry between leads. 

Hopefully, this is another step in the right direction for them... now if only they'd reconsider that whole Hornswoggle as LEPRECHAUN idea...

-Billy Donnelly

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