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Michael Mann And Chris Hemsworth Teaming Up For A Thriller Over At Legendary!!

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A couple of things seemed to slip through the cracks yesterday while I was traveling, one of which was Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth lining themselves up to work together... Wait... Stop. I'm sold right there. 

Okay... you want some more details...? Well, they're a bit scarce, but here's what I do know. Per Variety, Mann is now attached to direct an untitled thriller dealing with cyber threats with Thor now attached to star. Mann has been putting the film together for about a year, co-oenning the script with Morgan Davis Foehl, who has been working on MASS EFFECT over at Legendary (which is where the film is set up).

This would be Mann's first feature in four years - 2009's PUBLIC ENEMIES - and, while that last picture and MIAMI VICE were a tad disappointing, let's not forget this is a filmmaker with HEAT, COLLATERAL, ALI, THE INSIDER and let's not forget THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS to his credit. How can you not be looking forward to what he's got next?

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