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Here's An AICN Exclusive Premiere For The Trailer To Rooster Teeth's RWBY! The "White" Trailer!

Nordling here.

I love RED VS. BLUE, and I'm glad to see Rooster Teeth is branching out to different fare.  RWBY was created by Rooster Teeth animator Monty Oum, and the synopsis is brief but intriguing:

A new show from Rooster Teeth, brings four very different girls together for one legendary purpose. These four fighters will come face-to-face with menacing creatures, devious villains, and an incredible cast of characters.

You can check out the first trailer, "Red," here.

And here's the new trailer, appropriately called "White":

Rooster Teeth will premiere RWBY at the 3rd annual Rooster Teeth Expo, July 5th though the 7th, at the Austin Convention Center. More information about the event can be found at

Nordling, out.

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