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CBS’ 13-Part Stephen King Sci-Fi Miniseries UNDER THE DOME Has Cast Its Soldier/Cook Barbie!! He's SO Not Viggo Mortensen!!

I am – Hercules!!

It looks like Dale Barbara -- the short-order chef, badass military vet and closest thing to a central character in Stephen King’s sprawling 2009 novel “Under The Dome” -- will be played by handsome Mike Vogel, who portrayed Dean Piramatti in 15 episodes of “Grounded For Life,” Andy in 2003’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Eric in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” Blake Burroughs in “Rumor Has It,” Christian in “Poseidon,” Jason Hawkins in “Cloverfield,” Jack in “She’s Out of My League,” Dr. Chris Deleo in 13 episodes of “Miami Medical,” Dean Lowrey in 14 episodes of “Pan Am” and Johnny Foote in “The Help.”

I’m guessing no one in Ain’t It Cool’s “Under The Dome” talkbacks guessed Vogel would snag the role.

And those suggesting Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr. , Nathan Fillion, Sam Rockwell, Skeet Ulrich, Garrett Dillahunt, Thomas Jane and Ben Foster appear to have been thinking a little too big.

“This represents one of the final castings on the series,” according to today’s Deadline Hollywood, but I’ve not heard anything about who might play evil car dealer Big Jim Rennie or heroic Republican newspaper publisher Julia Shumway. For those just joining us,

“Under The Dome” is the tale of a small Maine municipality suddenly and mysteriously enclosed by a transparent but inescapable force field.

Niels Arden Oplev (who directed the original “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) helms at least some of the 13-part CBS miniseries from teleplays by Brian K. Vaughn (“Lost”) 

It premieres on CBS June 24.

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