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There's a Ben Gardner cameo in the trailer for PJ Hogan's Aussie comedy MENTAL!?!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. When I saw the trailer for Mental appear online I was half-interested. I like PJ Hogan's films... Peter Pan, My Best Friend's Wedding and Muriel's Wedding (he kinda likes weddings, doesn't he?) and Toni Collette's cool, but I didn't have any expectations.

Now I'm kind of really looking forward to this movie. The whole thing screams movie geek, from the opening music to the rather unexpected, but totally fucking awesome Ben Gardner's head cameo. Okay, PJ Hogan, you win.

Click Ben Gardner's head to visit Apple and watch the trailer in HD.

Now that you've watched the trailer, how crazy cool does Liev Schreiber look in the movie? He better not be campaigning to play Quint in a Jaws remake because then I'd have to put a price on his head. But I guess if it were to happen you could do worse...

-Eric Vespe
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