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Sandra Bullock Goes Bad For Universal's MINIONS Spinoff!!

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Sandra Bullock as a villain...? Well, that's certainly something different, and it's a key element to Universal and Illumination Entertainment's approach to MINIONS, the DESPICABLE ME spinoff that will center around Gru's little yellow henchmen. Deadline reports that Bullock, who always seems to play the sweetheart in nearly all of her projects, will provide the voice for Scarlet Overkill, a female super-villain looking to take over the world as all super-villains seem to want to do. 

MINIONS would serve as a prequel to DESPICABLE ME, putting the characters in the 60s after they've gotten rid of all the world's villains they've been in the service of since the beginning of time, long before they ever crossed paths with Gru. Having nothing left to do with themselves, a trio of Minions head out to find a new super-villain to aid. They wind up at a villain convention, entered into competition to secure their place alongside Overkill. 

The more I've watched DESPICABLE ME over the years, the more I've enjoyed it, as there is this darker brand of humor mixed in with the traditional family fare that makes it quite unique. The minions bring their own brand of funny into the equation, and I'm wondering if they'll be able to carry a film on their own, with their presence expanded a great deal beyond spot gags. With Bullock doing a lot of the heavy lifting, I imagine, as the super-villain, it may make this concept much more manageable. 

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