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AICN COMICS Q&@: Russ Sheath talks to IDW’s Jerry Bennington about JUDGE DREDD: THE COMPLETE BRIAN BOLLAND Limited Edition!

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"Brian Bolland's style was a radical departure from the highly stylised approach of Carlos Ezquerra and Mick McMahon, who had first visualised Dredd but his clarity and detail soon made Brian's version equally definitive. With the JUDGE DEATH saga, Brian hit his stride and produced some of the most compelling and iconic imagery ever to appear in the comic".Dave Gibbon - artist, WATCHMEN.

Russ Sheath here and If there were anyone's opinion which should convince you to check out the work showcased in the latest offering from IDW Limited, then its that of legendary Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons.

The work in question is exhibited in JUDGE DREDD: THE COMPLETE BRIAN BOLLAND Limited Edition which goes on pre-order today. Brian Bolland is widely regarded as the definitive artist behind one of the definitive British comic book creations. JUDGE DREDD: THE COMPLETE BRIAN BOLLAND Limited Edition celebrates Bolland's contribution to Dredd's mission bringing justice to the streets of Mega City One, in lavish style. I spoke to IDW Limited Director Jerry Bennington about this definitive collection and what's in store for fans.

RUSS SHEATH (RS): IDW Limited's JUDGE DREDD: THE COMPLETE BRIAN BOLLAND Deluxe Limited Edition goes on pre-order today. It's a "red label" edition, tell us what that means and what fans can look forward to in this limited edition?

JERRY BENNINGTON (JB): Red Label means the edition is part of IDW Limited's commitment to delivering books with incomparable quality. It also means this is a rare and limited offering; these 325 copies are the entire run. IDW Limited doesn’t do second printings. For this edition fans can expect a well-crafted edition featuring a cover with dual metallic inks and superior design, vellum title overlay, satin bookmark ribbon, and a signature page hand-signed by Brian Bolland and Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner. The book is housed in a custom-designed slipcase along with a hardcover portfolio featuring 10 illustration plates of exquisite Bolland artwork.

RS: What is it about Dredd and in particular Brian Bolland that is deserving of IDW Limited treatment?,br>
JB: Judge Dredd has been a force in comics and other mediums for almost 40 years. He’s an icon. Bolland is a legendary comics illustrator whose work has influenced countless artists today. He has also created some of comics' most endearing characters, including Judge Anderson and Judge Death. Quite simply, Bolland's art and IDW Limited's commitment to quality is a perfect fit.

RS: IDW Limited has quickly become "the" fan-oriented imprint – what were your objectives when bringing the "ultimate" edition of the "ultimate" Dredd artist's work?

JB: Our objective was to deliver an edition that fans would appreciate and enjoy for years to come. When we started this project, we decided that it had to be clear from the second you saw it that this was a special book, and I think we met our goal. There’s no mistaking this edition for ordinary.

RS: Did this edition present any challenges? Is it tough to compile a "complete works" collection?

JB: A substantial amount of artwork form Brian's archives had to be collected and scanned in order to create this edition. That was not an easy task, but in the end, it was time well spent. Brian is still creating fantastic JUDGE DREDD artwork to this day, but this is the most comprehensive edition of his work to date.

RS: Was Brian himself involved in the composition of the book?

JB: Absolutely. Brian worked closely with IDW to provide all the artwork as well as review designs and provide signatures with each copy.

RS: What were the highlights for you guys when putting this edition together?

JB: Finally seeing Brian's JUDGE DREDD artwork collected in one place. This is a historic collection of content any Dredd fan would drool over. There was one funny highlight: Brian's cat scampered across his desk and left a trail of paw prints across one of the signature plates. Brian, always the gentleman, apologized by scrawling a handwritten note along with a sketch of Judge Death onto the dirtied plate. It's a great moment, and it means one lucky fan is going to get an extra special remarqued edition of this book.

RS: One exciting aspect of this Limited Edition is the inclusion of the portfolio of 12 classic Dredd pieces by Brian. Was it tough to choose just 12 pieces by an artist regarded as many as the definitive Dredd artist?

JB: It was actually easier than expected, because his art is so good it didn't matter what we picked. We knew they all would be perfect for the edition.

RS: The book is available to pre-order today! When will the book be released and how can fans get a hold of it?

JB: We are prepping the book for shipment next week, so don't miss out!

RS: A huge thanks to Jerry for his time. Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland Limited Edition goes on pre-order today and you can order this stunning limited edition, here, be sure to snap it up before the very limited run of 325 copies are snapped up.

Look for my review of the book coming soon. Check out IDW Limited online here and on twitter @IDWLimited

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