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Check Out This Wildly Inappropriate Poster For Something Called SHE KILLS!

She Kills

Beaks here...

From SRS Cinema, the makers of I SPIT CHEW ON YOUR GRAVE, TERROR AT BLOOD FART LAKE and RETURN TO BLOOD FART LAKE, comes SHE KILLS. Judging from the extraordinarily evocative poster (drawn by comic book artist Tim Tyler), it's a supernatural riff on everything from rape-revenge films like MS. 45 and THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE to the body horror likes of RABID. Look, I'll be stunned if the movie is one-tenth as entertaining as this poster, but I'll give the producers credit: this is the kind of profoundly rotten taste I can get behind.

Take a bow, Mr. Tyler. This artwork would be right at home in the horror section of a video store circa 1983.

SHE KILLS is currently unlisted on the IMDb. Both BLOOD FART LAKE movies appear to be available in their entirety on YouTube.

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